Available at: I found mine at Target

Cost: A box is about $3

Notes: Cheese and crackers is a staple snack at my house, and Triscuits are among my preferred crackers. I like that they’re sturdy enough to hold a decent chunk of cheese, plus they’re good and salty. So, when I saw Pumpkin & Spice Triscuits on the shelf, I about broke my arm getting them into my cart as fast as possible.

I served them for Wine Night, on the pretty cheese board that my stepdad, Doug, made for me, along with goat cheese. (Not pictured: the heroic amounts of wine that we consumed).

And you guys, they are good. They are a little bit sweet, in sort of  a brown sugary way, but not overwhelming. And they were very good with the goat cheese. I think a sharp cheddar or gouda would pair well, too.