Available at: Subway
Cost: $1 for 3, or two come with your combo meal

Notes: Subway, as a restaurant, is a solid “just okay.” I have never finished one of their sandwiches and thought to myself, “That was AWESOME.” And yet, I find myself eating there on a fairly regular basis. There is one across the street from my office, and if I’m in a hurry and need to grab some lunch, well… at least I know I’m getting some vegetables.

But you know what is actually good at Subway? The cookies. The white chocolate macadamia nut cookies are my favorite. Soft, buttery, big chunks of chocolate and nuts. The raspberry cheesecake cookies are also quite good.

You can imagine, then my excitement when I saw Pumpkin Spice cookies at Subway. I tore through my sandwich with considerably more enthusiasm than it deserved, so I could get to my dessert.

Cue sad music, because they were just okay. The cookies had a nice molasses flavor, plus all of the usual pumpkin spices I love. But  the texture was unimpressive. They weren’t soft and chewy like I’d been hoping (and like they looked like they would be). They also weren’t crispy, just an in-between that I don’t think was deliberate. I wonder if they were overcooked and could have been better. I’ll give them another shot, because let’s be honest – I probably have a blah sandwich somewhere in my near future. Until then…