Available At: I made it, using this recipe.
Cost: Pretty reasonable.

Notes: So, what we’ve got here is pasta, a creamy pumpkin sauce, sausage (I used sweet Italian sausage) and granny smith apples.

If that doesn’t say FALL, then I don’t know what does.

I liked this a lot. I liked it even more when I added more nutmeg to it. And the grated Parmesan cheese makes it. I’d recommend using bonafideParmesan cheese, that comes in a little tub and not the stuff in the green can, so that it has some actual flavor to it. It’s more expensive, but really, I can see why. Worth it.

This recipe makes a humongous vat of pasta, so I ate it for my lunches for a week, plus I brought a container of it over to Shawn’s house so he could have it for dinner. I am pretty sure he didn’t like it, because he didn’t eat much, and that man can eat some pasta. But I’m not sweating it, because hey, even if he didn’t like it, surely he appreciates that I brought him dinner.

Rating:  -1/2