Available At: Made them using this recipe
Cost: Kitchen staples, plus a brick of cream cheese

Notes: Quite a few people have posted this recipe on my Facebook. Pumpkin cheesecake snickerdoodles? Who am I to say no to my devoted fans? I finally got around to baking them yesterday.

So, right off the bat, I will say that this is a rather involved cookie. You make the dough and the filling, then both need to chill for at least an hour. And you need to scoop out dough, flatten it into a little pancake, scoop cream cheese filling onto it, then make another little pancake, put it on top, pinch it around the filling, then roll it into a ball, then roll it in cinnamon-spice sugar, the flatten. The dough gets sticky, so I had to flour my hands several times. It was a lot. I mean, I can handle it. But this is not a recipe I’d want to make in big quantities, for a bake sale.

Were the cookies worth the effort? In a word, nah. They were just okay. I wish they were sweeter and more heavily spiced. I suppose one could tweak the recipe, but as it is now? They’re just okay. Jack and I each ate one, if that tells you anything.

Rating: 🎃🎃