Available At: Grocery stores or at Whitey’s
Cost: About $5 a gallon, unless you find it on sale


Jack: What’s for dessert?
Betsy: We have ice cream in the freezer.
Jack (looking): Whoah! Did you buy Whitey’s ice cream? Oh. It’s pumpkin.
Betsy: Of course.
Jack: Now is the time when I get sick of pumpkin things.
Betsy: Just go with it.

Jack did, of course, decide to just go with it. No kid of mine would ever turn down ice cream. And this ice cream? Aww, man, it’s so good. It is everything you’d want pumpkin ice cream to be: creamy, smooth, perfect spices, and true pumpkin flavor.

I like the idea of using it to make something. Like, a Whitey’s pumpkin ice cream pie. Or making a pumpkin cake roll and using the ice cream instead of cream cheese filling for double-pumpkin magic. But much, much more likely is that we’ll just eat it.

Rating: 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃