Available At: I made it using this recipe
Cost: It’s chili; it’s cheap.

Notes: Although it is hotter than the surface of the sun right now, I was in the mood to do stuff to get my life organized. Making a big pot of chili to have for my lunches felt like just the thing to do. This recipe also made a huge amount, which means half goes in the freezer for another week, and I get to feel all proud and accomplished.

I found this recipe on Pinterest and I liked the fact that it included pumpkin (duh), red wine, and fire roasted tomatoes. The ingredients list needed more spice for my tastes, so I added a little can of chiles and used a lot more chili powder.

How was it? It’s a very good chili. Thick, chunky, and thanks to my modifications, just the right amount of spicy.

However, the pumpkin offered absolutely nothing. The flavor was completely lost and it just tasted like any other kind of chili. I suppose the benefit of adding pumpkin is that you get some more vegetables in your meal, which is not a bad thing. While it’s good chili, as a pumpkin recipe, it fails.

Rating: 0🎃