Pumpkin Product Review: Anderson Erickson Pumpkin Cheesecake Yogurt
Available At: Hy-Vee
Cost: $0.69
Review: In fairness to this yogurt, it was up against a lot. It’s Monday and it’s raining. I fell off my bike this weekend and badly injured my back and/or shoulder, to the point where tasks like putting on pants or sneezing cause excruciating pain. The list of things I don’t hate is currently limited to Advil, my heating pad, the cup of coffee sitting next to me, and Shawn, who brought the coffee to me in my car so I wouldn’t have to get up. So, sorry, AE Pumpkin Cheesecake Yogurt, but you are bland. You don’t taste much like pumpkin or cheesecake and have failed to elevate my mood in any way.
Rating: 🎃