Pumpkin Product Review: Pumpkin Chili
Available At: I made it using this recipe
Cost: It’s chili. So, you know. Cheap.
Review: This is really good chili. It doesn’t taste like pumpkin to me, but the pumpkin spices, especially the cinnamon, give it an excellent flavor. A few notes about the recipe: there is little benefit to making it in your crock pot. You need to brown the ground beef, so you’re dirtying a pan regardless. And the crock pot is just on low for two hours to heat it up. It would be just as easy to cook it on the stove. Also, the blog I linked indicates that the chili has very little heat. I’m not down with that. I added a cute little chili pepper from my garden and one of those short little cans of chopped green chiles, which has been in my pantry for no apparent reason for months.
Rating: ğŸŽƒğŸŽƒ