Pumpkin Product Review: Pumpkin Spice coffee
Available At: this one was from Bruegger’s
Cost: About $2 for a large
Review: For non-coffee snobs, let me clarify: this is neither a pumpkin latte nor is it coffee with pumpkin flavored creamer. It is coffee, to which flavoring is added to the beans as part of the roasting process.
Normally, I don’t like flavored beans. A French Vanilla coffee, for example, overwhelms the actual coffee taste that I want. One could say I am contradicting myself, since I am more than happy to take that same coffee, in espresso form, and mar its taste with steamed milk and pumpkin spice syrup. And to that, I say shut up. I like what I like!
And this? I liked it pretty well. The pumpkin spice flavor is subtle, which to me, in this context, is an asset. It’s a seasonal offering at Bruegger’s, and while I will enjoy it for the next couple of months, I won’t weep when it’s gone. Case in point; I drank the cup, pictured here, on Saturday. When I came back again on Sunday afternoon, they were low on pumpkin. I shrugged and, rather than burning the place to the ground, had my usual dark roast.
Rating: ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ 1/2