Pumpkin Product Review: Pumpkin Pie
Available At: Bake it yourself, fools. The recipe we used was a top secret one we found on the can of pumpkin.
Cost: Eh, it was cheap.
Review: Shawn and I found ourselves at the grocery store and hungry. I was looking for pumpkin items, as I do. Shawn was dreaming of pumpkin pie. The pies in the bakery were ten bucks. Crazy, we said. We could easily just buy a can of pumpkin and make our own. So we did. As we were eating it, I realized I haven’t had pumpkin pie since Thanksgiving, which is silly, because it’s good. In full disclosure, we used a frozen crust. A homemade, or more interesting crust, could bump up my rating by a full pumpkin.
Overall: 🎃🎃🎃🎃