Available At: I made it, using a recipe from Sunday Soup by Betty Rosbottom.
Cost: Mostly kitchen staples, but also a whole pumpkin, which cost $4. It makes a ton, though, so I’m sure it works out pretty low per serving.
Review: Listen. I can already hear your little commenting fingers itching to tell me I should try pumpkin soup with curry. I agree, it’s delicious. And I’ll get it to it. We still have plenty of time left in Pumpkin Season. I made this soup for the simple reason that I’ve never tried it before. Creamy, velvety, and the rosemary was a lovely pairing with the pumpkin. A few notes: I would typically be inclined to cheat and use canned pumpkin, instead of roasting and hacking up a whole one, since it gets pureed anyway. That would have been a mistake – the roast pumpkin was wonderfully fresh. Also, I used about two cups less of the chicken stock (I like a thick soup) and tripled the quantity of walnuts. I highly recommend this soup. In fact, everything I’ve tried from this particular cookbook has been great.